3 Tips To MAXIMIZE Your Email Opens

3 Tips To MAXIMIZE Your Email Opens

We are in the midst of a marketing revolution. Digital marketing is becoming one of the most popular ways to reach your clients, and is proving to be one of the most effective. Take email marketing for example. According to SalesForce.com, for every $1 spent on email marketing campaigns, the average return on investment is approximately $44.25. These kinds of numbers are very enticing but ,it’s important to think about the work behind email marketing. Anyone can send a quick message to a client but, if that email never gets opened, it’s practically useless.

So, your business is booming, you’re up online, and you want to find a new way to get personal contact with your clients. You’ve got an e-blast ready to go, but don’t know where to start. How do you get clients to actually read your emails?

Before I get to these game-changing tips, it’s essential that I remind you, the Subject line is the MOST important part of your email marketing campaign. You could include the winning numbers to a $1 million jackpot in the body of your email but, without an attention grabbing subject line, your email, and all that beautiful content will go to waste. Spending time on an attention-grabbing subject is the single most important part of email marketing. These quick tips are going to help you shape up your subject line, and get your email noticed by clients.


Keep It Short & Simple

How many times a day do you check your email on your phone? According to EmailMonday.com, 55% of all incoming email is opened on first on a mobile device. This means that email marketing and mobile marketing go hand in hand. Most mobile devices cut off subject lines at about 35-40 characters, so you need to capture your client’s attention as quickly as possible. Keeping your subject lines specific and concise will not only grab the client’s attention, it will peak their professional curiosity. Long subject lines with too many topics are hard to digest and make the sender look disorganized. Make sure when your email pops up on your client’s phone it’s short enough to take in within a few seconds, and interesting to make them want to know more.


Use Urgent Language

Just because you’re selling doesn’t mean you should sound like a salesman. Using urgent language is important, but using the right kind of urgency will get your email opened. Words like “Latest” , “Alert” , and “Limited” have higher than average open rates according to a recent study by Adestra , words like “Don’t Miss” , “Only” and “Today” are almost guaranteed to get your clients to unsubscribe. These stats were collected from both B2B and B2C studies on email subject lines and their average open rate. You’ve got to make your client feel like they have to open this email very soon, but using words that make them feel pressured won’t get them to open it any faster. Your subject should be urgent, but inviting. Making a potential client feel obligated to bend to your wishes, is a huge turn off, and most would rather pass. Remember, it’s a marketing email, not a time-bomb!


Get Personal!

Everybody wants to feel special, so make your emails personal whenever you can. From the “From” field, to the subject line, let your client know that there’s a real person behind the keyboard who cares about the person opening the email. Don’t use your info@company.com or sales@yourcompany.com email addresses for email marketing. It’s impersonal and is the first indicator to a client that they’re being sold on something. American Express’ Open Forum suggests sending marketing emails from the most recognizable person that registers with the audience your sending your emails to. Let’s say your lead salesman is Dan. Sending emails that indicate Dan is at the other end gives your client a familiar face to put the email with and instills trust.

If you can, personalize the subject line too. Inc.com found a 3% increase in open rates form emails using someone’s first name. It shows you took the time to find out who they were and gives your email an authentic feel. “Hey Susan! Here’s the Latest Sales Alerts from X.Com” is quick, personal, and specific. It lets Susan know there’s information just for her, that she’s going to but she’s aware that this information will expire soon. This subject reads much better than “X.COM DEALS ARE GOING TO EXPIRE SOON! GET YOUR EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIPTION DISCOUNTS NOW, BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT!” which is alarmist, aggressive and too long.


Make sure your emails show that you care about the client, and that you value their time but that it needs to be open right away. Remember every email you’re sending is going to be opened by a person. Even if that person is an assistant, making the right first impression with your email marketing, will make sure that the messages from your campaigns land in the right hands.

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