5 Habits Of Successful Info-Product Marketers

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Samuel here, today we’ll be talking about successful Info-Product marketers, and specifically some of the acumens that have led to their success.

Information Products are the future of marketing. With digital consumption now the primary source of consumption for any product, it’s easy to see why getting into Info Product Marketing is a safe, and profitable bet.

While the practice sounds like complex marketing jargon, the idea behind it is simple: sell people information that you know, which they need or, are seeking out. Your product, quite literally, is information. You’ve probably been targeted by quite a bit of Info Product Marketing yourself and never even realized it. In fact, this very article is a form Info Product Marketing, and the fact that you’re reading it means it’s successful.

So, how do you break into this new arena, and how can you translate Information Products into a successful marketing campaign? Well I’ve been up late studying, and I’ve narrowed my advice down to 5 easy to follow tips that will make your Info Product Marketing Campaigns a breeze.


Do Your Research

Since your pitch is to get people to consume your information, understanding what you’re talking about will make a world of difference. There are those out there claim you can create information products from the work of others, but I’d highly discourage that. Doing your research adds a layer of credibility and gets your target audience to trust you as a reliable source of information. When you’re marketing Info Products, your goal should be establishing yourself as the go-to source for your topic so that you get repeat clientele who are constantly looking to you for more information.


Pick Your Niche & Your Product Carefully

As in business, being a big fish in a small pond is a lot easier than the other way around. Picking a niche and sticking to it will make your Info Marketing Campaign easier to execute, easier to research, and easier to market. Some of the most successful Information Product Marketing Campaigns were directed at markets no one was paying attention to at the time. So, instead of just throwing random Info Products out in to the web and hoping someone bites, focus on a specific topic.

It’s also important think about your audience, and how your niche market will want to consume the information. For example, let’s say you’re planning on creating and Info Product that teaches people How to Invest In Stock. You’re going to need to consider how best to communicate the information in your Info Product. Will you write an e-book? You could, but what if you used something easier for a beginner to consume like a Video Tutorial or a Prezi? Think about who will be consuming your Info Products and cater to their needs for a better campaign results.


Include Unique Content

E-books tend to be the standard get-rich-quick scheme of Information Products but even this aspect is changing. According to an article published on Slate.com, barely 25% of all readers make it all the way through a piece of online literature. In fact, most people don’t even read the first page! This means you should come up with more unique ways to convey your information than the standard e-book. Luckily, the internet is filled to the brim with new ways to present information. Host interviews with experts on your topic to accompany your literature. If you can’t do the interview yourself, feel free look one up and share it in your Info Product, as long as it’s properly sourced. I mentioned Prezi earlier which is a more interactive version of a Power Point. It’ll keep your client engaged and compels them to participate in the Info Product. Videos and visuals will make your marketing campaign more inviting, and will add a unique layer to the Info Product, which in turn, will boost your subscribers and help you maintain your existing list.


Be Creative

Think outside of the box! Don’t limit yourself to text and pictures. Use unique mediums to convey information in your marketing campaign. Use unique Graphic Design to accompany your product. Digital Bootcamps are on the rise, and are easy to access through existing platforms. TechCrunch.com reports that apps account for 85% of the time consumers spend on their smartphones so, you could consider creating a simple app, to appeal to mobile marketing consumers.

Even if you don’t know how to create some of the unique content, you can always find someone who can do the creative work for you, for a small fee. This brings me to my last tip …


Partner Up

Some of the most successful Info Product Marketing Campaigns come about through partnerships. There’s a ton of benefits to going 50/50 on an Information Product, as these pioneers have discovered. Get together with someone who has unique skills that compliment your own. Maybe you’re good with writing and they’re good at research. Perhaps they can create awesome graphics and models to go along inside your marketing campaign. A partnership can really bring your Info Product Marketing Campaign to the next level, and make your consumer excited about the follow up product.

Info Product Marketing may seem hard at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips from the pros and get your Info Marketing Campaign started the right way. If you take the time to keep your Info Product high-quality, unique, and consistent, you’ve got a winning marketing campaign on your hands which will be well worth the investment.



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