5 Tips To SKYROCKET Your Opt-In Rate On Your Capture Pages

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We all want our capture pages to convert like crazy, leading to the optimal amount of leads for our business, but did you know there are certain small tweaks you could make to your capture pages, that could result in massive improvements in your conversions.

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably paid TONS of money on several traffic sources, only to later see that your opt-in rate could have been a LOT better. There’s a feeling of failure, and I know how it feels.

Worry not however as today I will show you how I was able to constantly get opt-in rates of 60%+ On several COLD TRAFFIC sources, and what rendered those results.



I’ve put this as number 1 because I find it to be the most VITAL aspect of any capture page.

Too many times I see people telling their whole life-story in a capture page. You need to understand that a capture page only has one job, and that is to get the LEAD. You are not selling anything here, where you would have to justify your product, or service. You are giving something for FREE.

Depending on the traffic type (e.g. Cold or Warm), you only have a couple seconds to tell them what you are offering before they get turned off, and go somewhere else.

So you don’t want to tell your whole life story. Just tell them exactly what they are getting, and if they are targeted traffic interested in your niche or offer, they will opt-in. The KEY here is that they instantly know what they are getting and essentially signing up for.




                CAPTURE PAGE #1                                                  CAPTURE PAGE #2

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 3.30.25 AM                Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 3.31.15 AM


As you could see, the first page just has too much info and so it will render less results due to it being too wordy.. The second one is simple and to the point on what was being offered. Therefore it will perform much better, although I never would make blatent claims as such, unless I genuinely could back that up  🙂



This one is pretty self-explanatory…

Ask as little information as possible, to get MUCH better opt-in rates. Most people don’t like to give too much information before knowing what exactly they are getting into. So I suggest you keep it simple and just ask for the email.

Of course if your goals are different and your goal is to get a phone number, or zip code, or anything else then so be it. However, if you are getting this list to build your email list for email marketing, then I HIGHLY suggest you do not ask for any unneccessary information, even including the name.

I personally have tested out several different ways to see if “Personalizing” an email with the name makes a difference, and it does not. They don’t feel more special when you mention their name. Nowadays most people already know how you do that, especially if they are in the IM niche.

So long story short… Only get what is absolutely vital for you, and skip on information that you could live without 🙂



I see this way too many times.

Make sure your offer is relevant to what niche and audience you are targeting. If you are looking for people in the make money online niche, then do not have a offer about weight loss, tech or anything else! Believe me, I see this too much nowadays. The capture page is usually just too broad.

I was recently scanning another IM blog, and the creator had a pop-up come up when you visited his site for more than 30 seconds. Now this pop-up showed “5 Tips To Get More Engagement In Social Media”. Now while this would make for a great blog post (heck, even I might make one), this definitely shouldn’t  be a lead magnet for the make money online audience. That is just too broad of a standpoint. Most people may not use social media, or may not be interested in signing up to get that information as it isn’t directly related to what they are trying to achieve.

So make sure your offer is focused and relevant to what you’re audience is like, and you will see an INSTANT boost in your opt-in rates!



I hear all the time from other marketers about “Giving Value” and building relationships in order to get loyal followings.

This is the opposite of what you should be doing, especially at the opt-in stage—because your prospects will only get value if they can absorb, retain, and use what you’re offering.

But the prospects are very busy.  they have information-overloaded. They are jaded and cynical and suspect you’re full of crap. They are not ready to invest a lot of time in seeing what you have to offer, or trying it out. The idea of reading through multiple pages of your content, of having to check out a bunch of files or a sequence of videos, not only bores they…but triggers their avoidance reflex.

So even if what you’re offering is genuinely brilliant and would completely change their life if they took the time to learn and implement it, the fact is the prospects will not learn and implement it. Thus they will get zero value out of it.

And they know that—hence your offer has zero perceived value, and will fail.

So offer less than you think you should. Find ways to emphasize how easy your information is to absorb and use. Show them that the time and energy you’re asking them to invest is very small, and the payoff is much greater.

Email micro-courses are ideal for this too, because you can deliver useful information in short, easily-digested chunks, staggered over enough time that your prospect won’t be overwhelmed. It gives you the ability to offer ongoing value. But you can also use cheat-sheets, short videos or special reports, or even things like specialized calculators, and apps that generate useful content or structures.

Small one page checklists, 3-5 page ebooks, cheat sheets, or infographics are the absolute best lead-magnets these days, as the subscriber can fully go through it in one-go and get the value it holds all at once, Thus being super powerful and holding a high percieved value!

The important thing is to give the prospects something they will use. Not something they should use. Something they will use. That’s the only kind of thing they’ll find valuable.





This tip is about having different text in your opt-in text fields…


Changing up your “Email” and “Name” fields into more focused words actually makes a difference in the opt-in rates!


I saw a instant jump in my opt-in rates when I change “Email” into “Enter Your Email Here”. The more focused text makes the prospects stop procrastinating and allows them that push to go ahead with signing up. Don’t just take my word for it however…


According to a case study released by Conversion Voodoo, adding the words “enter your email here” to a previously blank subscription box increased opt-ins by 36% for them!


So as you can see, a subtle change in the opt-in fields could very positively affect your opt-in rates!


So folks, that about wraps this one up!

These were 5 tips to help get better opt-in rates to your pages. Hopefully this brought you some value that you could now implement and use to skyrocket your opt-in rates.

If you want to see one of my best performing landing pages as a reference you could do so by clicking here. If you find my squeeze page to be appealing you can also go ahead and subscribe 🙂

Until next time,

– Samuel Cheema


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