Why Your Facebook Ad Campaign Isn’t Working … And How To Fix It.

Are you one of the 92%?

Are you one of the 92% of marketers who use Facebook Ads? Social Media is everywhere these days, so advertising on Social Media is just a natural step to marketing success!

Except for, when it isn’t…

As many marketers have found, Social Media Marketing is no walk in the park. Facebook is the single biggest market for social media marketing, but is often the most difficult to see results from.


Are you stuck in the Facebook rut?

There’s quite a few reasons your Facebook Marketing Campaign might not be working. The most common mistakes people make, when advertising on social media, are related to targeting. Either you’re targeting the wrong audience or, you’re not targeting anyone at all.

A recent study conducted by Adspresso.com found that the average Facebook Ad Campaign costs $27.29 CPC (cost per click) in Q3 2016. That’s not cheap! By not targeting your ads, you’re literally throwing away money and opportunity. Make sure that when you create your ad, you set them to target a very specific audience. Targeting advertisements by location is highly effective, especially if you have a brick and mortar location. Facebook also has handy settings like Interests, Age, Life Events that will make sure your ads appear to the right people at the right time, but it’s up to you to specify your audience.

Another common hiccup of Facebook Ad campaigns is “Fake News” but not the kind you’re thinking about. Facebook does report back the success rates of your advertising campaigns, but the site unfortunately is rife with fraudulent activity. That means sometimes, the people you think are clicking on your ads are simply manufactures accounts. Don’t be like the man who wasted $600,000 on Facebook advertising. While his story is not very common, there is a lesson to be learned from it.

By using third party software to cross reference your Facebook ad campaigns, you’re protecting yourself and your investment. Use the back office client for your own business site to cross reference the reports you receive from Facebook. WordPress has several very effective plugins like JetPack and Google Analyticator that monitor incoming traffic, and will tell you exactly how many visitors to your site came from Facebook. Bitly links also have a feature that will track actual Facebook clicks for you.

Lastly, the key to success in Facebook advertising campaigns is the ad itself! It’s very possible that your ad just isn’t engaging to your audience. This website has a few handy tips on how to create ads that are engaging to your audience, but there are a few essential tips. Make sure you use engaging and exciting graphics! You want to catch your customer’s attention as they’re scrolling through the endless sea of status updates, so make sure your graphics are both eye catching and simple. This comprehensive study conducted by SketchDeck.com created 48 different kinds of Facebook ads to find the perfect combination of visuals to make get better results.

Facebook advertising is not a great unknown, but it can be complex. Do your research, especially when it comes to targeting your audience and creating your ads, and your Facebook Marketing Campaign will start to look up!

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