How to Find a Profitable Affiliate Offer to Promote

Affiliate marketing is a super easy way to make money using your website, blog or personal page. It’s not necessary to come up with a great product or even deal with the annoying things that come with sales like customer service or tolerating other people.


To put it simply, affiliate marketing is when you sign up with an affiliate network to promote offers and products from other people. For each of the different products or offers you’re selected to promote, you’re given a unique URL that serves as an attachment to you. If a sale is made that is traced back to your URL, you make a commission that is similar to a royalty that can range anywhere between 50%-100%, although be advised that complete commission is often rare. This sounds like a huge get rich quick scheme that’s too good to be true until you remember that the creators of these products, often large businesses with several other offers and products to promote are creating a list of potential buyers. It’s no surprise then that this information is highly valuable to them.


“How do I sign up for this lovely profitable opportunity?” you may be asking right about now. It’s simple and painless. First, choose one of the many affiliate networks out there. You could easily google a list of these. I’m going to show several examples from some of the most popular affiliate networks out there to demonstrate how easy signing up is. Our first stop is   As you can see, you just click “create account” at the top of the page. You give them your personal information followed by your banking information so they can pay you, and voilà! You now have the means to make a decent amount of money from your website alone! and provide just as easy options to join. And there are literally countless others.


Something to consider when choosing an affiliate network is your own personal niche. The first website I mentioned, clickbank is perfect if your niche is regarding Internet Marketing and the like. If yours is different, it’s important to do a little research into the affiliate network. This usually just involves going to their website and looking at their list of products and offers they help promote.


Besides checking the affiliate network, it’s imperative to check the sales page of the actual product. A product that seemingly fits in with your niche may not actually in the end. For example, if your readers are primarily mothers with new-borns, and you click on the product and see mothers with toddlers, then the product in question may not resonate well with your readers. Knowing the exact demographic of your readers will help you determine if the product is something they would fork over money for.


Another thing you have to remember is it’s not wise to promote any old product on the affiliate network’s list. After ensuring the affiliate network fits in with your own personal niche, you have to check several other factors regarding the products they’re selling. The best way to do this is to examine the refund rate. Almost all affiliate network websites allow you to do this. If not, ask them. If they refuse or say they can’t, don’t bother with that affiliate network. Checking to see if the refund rate is high or not lets you know if the product they’re promoting is popular amongst their clientele.


The next thing to do is to ask for a copy of the product. This is of course assuming the product is something digital like software or an ebook. In the case the product is something tangible like a chair, ask them to ship you the product. Most vendors will do this, assuming you can verify that you are indeed somebody who is interested in promoting the product. If a vendor refuses to do this, then like in the previous paragraph, stay away. Chances are they are hiding something. Once you get your copy of the product, review it throughly. Make sure it’s something you think you would enjoy using!


After reviewing the product and determining if your readers will be satisfied with it, it’s time to see how much you would actually get while promoting it. This entails finding out not only how much you would make with commission from the main product, but also for any products in the so-called “product funnel” (the chain of other products associated with the main product). To learn this, you’ll have to go to the affiliate page of the product owner. Next, look at the conversion rate for the product. Affiliates will get different conversion rates, so it’s important to average all of the conversion rates to determine if the actual conversion rate is positive. To do this, we examine the Earnings Per Click of the product or the EPC. This gives a good rough estimate of what the sales page is actually worth. So, let’s say for example that an affiliate sends 50 people to a sales page with their URL. This results in $200 being earned for the affiliate. Therefore, this person earns $4 per click. It is generally recommended to only promote products which pay at least $1 per click.


To entice readers into buying the product by clicking on your URL, add a “value bonus.” Make sure they know that the bonus is only available when clicking on your personal link. This attracts all kinds of good traffic to the affiliate page.


Lastly, contact the product’s seller. This is probably the best way to ensure you get the best conversions. Ask the product’s seller how other affiliates optimize their conversions on the product. They could give you advice that boosts your earnings. The relationship between a product seller and affiliate marketer is supposed to be mutually beneficial. So, contacting them shouldn’t be a problem. They will want to help you promote their product!


Managing to find a high quality product with good conversion rates isn’t hard at all. It just takes the required research. The main thing you have to remember is “is this something my readers want to use?” If the answer is yes, then by all means go for it!

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