One Sneaky List-Building Trick That Increased My Opt-In Rate By 25%

Imagine if you could make one single tweak to your capture pages, and see a instant boost in subscribers!

Not just that, but the subscribers are now FAR more engaged with your emails, content and basically anything you put out for them..

You would probably be pumped to see what it is…

Well that is exactly what has happened with me in the past few months with one of my list-building campaigns, and today I am going to share it with you!

So what exactly is this one sneaky little trick that increased my opt-in rate by over 25% almost instantly? Well you are about to find out in just a second. Before that, I want to explain how I got about testing this approach…

It was early March, and I was running a list-building campaign related to a new product I had created. Now everything about this capture page looked right to me, yet the conversions were around 31%, which isn’t bad, but I knew it could be better because my targeting was perfect for the type of audience I wanted for this particular campaign.

I looked at the copy, the page design, my targeting, and everything looked good to me. My main offer was about a traffic course that I had been getting great results with, and so my lead-magnet for the capture page was traffic related as well.

My free gift on the capture page was “25 Way to Get Free Traffic Today”, it was a free report I wrote myself, and was quite proud of actually 🙂

However my opt-in page results were still not up to par with what I was looking for…


Then The Right Tweak Was FINALLY Made…

I noticed that there wasn’t much engagement on my follow-up emails, and after that initial opt-in, the subscribers would basically just disappear, with very minimal engagement.. Of course there were exceptions, but overall it was just not how it should have been.

So I decided to change my free-offer to something VERY basic, and not to offer a huge report on the capture-page level…

See, this is a concept being talked about all around in the industry, and people are going away from the old “provide tons of value” before offering anything..

See the reality is…

we all mistake “providing tons of value” with giving huge reports, or showing long videos, or even giving entire products on the capture page level.


However you should be doing the OPPOSITE of this…

This is because your prospects will only get value if they can absorb, retain, and use what you’re offering.

But the prospects are very busy.  they have information-overloaded. They are jaded and cynical and suspect you’re full of crap. They are not ready to invest a lot of time in seeing what you have to offer, or trying it out.

The idea of reading through multiple pages of your content, of having to check out a bunch of files or a sequence of videos, not only bores them…but triggers their avoidance reflex.

So even if what you’re offering is genuinely brilliant and would completely change their life if they took the time to learn and implement it, the fact is the prospects will not learn and implement it. Thus they will get zero value out of it.

And they know that—hence your offer has zero perceived value, and will fail.

Instead, if you offer something short and simple, that can be full absorbed within minutes, it would have a lot more perceived value from the subscribers, and they would be hungry for more content because now they’ve fully gone through a piece of content you created, and want more.


Now think of it for a second… 

If you got “25 Way to Get Free Traffic Today”  from me today, and you don’t even know who I am, if I know what I am saying, would you really take all 25, or even any of them to heart and test it out to see if it works? Probably not right, especially since you didn’t have to pay anything to get this report in the first place…

Moreover it might just steer you away because you wouldn’t find value in learning 25 different ways, maybe you just want a single way that could work for you, and 25 would just leave you more confused then where you were before…

I know I definitely wouldn’t go though all 25, but still I created this offer because I thought it was a lot of value for someone looking for free traffic.

Now the whole “offer less” idea was ALL THEORY to me, and so I never actually took the steps to try it out and implement it. However with this failing list-building campaign I was running, this was the optimal time to test it out myself.

I changed “25 Way to Get Free Traffic Today”  to “One Simple Trick I used To Get 700 Additional Visitors Each Day Using 100% Free Traffic”.

The old 25 page report, now was condensed to a much smaller 3 page report, that was small, easy to read but also SUPER valuable! This is because it could be fully read and understood in one go…


The Results?

In less than a week, my opt-in rate Skyrocketed from 31% to a whopping 56.3%!

Not just that, but my follow-up emails were getting much more opens and clicks, and my product sales were much higher as well..


It’s because they went through a piece of content I had created, got ACTUAL value from it, and then because they went through it all, they want more…

Where they might have gone through the first few traffic sources in my previous free offer, and then got bored and went on to the next shiny object, now they actually learned something worthwhile, and now want to take that next step of learning more…


So What Was The Sneaky List-Building Trick?

The trick was to offer simple, short and quick pieces of content that can be absorbed in a quick amount of time, so that your potential subscribers are more inclined to learn more from you later on…

Offering 25 different solutions to a traffic problem will not get your visitors attention to opt-in… as they’d think it would just leave them more confused than they initially were.

Remember they don’t know who you are, or if what you are teaching is actually going to provide value to them… So if you offer a ton of content to go through, the subscribers will just not take the step to opt-in for that content, as they know they wouldn’t go through it all without knowing if any of it is actually is legit or relevant to them…

Rather than that, if you offer something super short and intriguing, it would just take a small amount of their time, and that would result in a LOT more people taking action, and opting in.

So What’s The BEST type of content to offer?

I’d say that a…

  • Checklist
  • Cheat-sheet
  • 1-5 page PDF Report
  • or a Short Video

are optimal choices. These are small, to the point, and in the long run really do provide much more value, to the subscriber at the opting in stage…

This will not only increase opt-in rates, but also leave you with far more email engagements and a lot more sales of your products in the long run.


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