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Hey! It’s Samuel Cheema here, The Creator of the Cheema Marketing Blog.

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my new blog. My goal is to maintain your continued trust, and help you in achieving your online income goals in the process. The Cheema Marketing Blog is built on the foundations of Integrity and Value, and while you are here, you will not receive anything other than that!

Let Me Start Off My Introducing Myself…

Samuel Cheema From Cheema Marketing


I’m Samuel Cheema

I’m 19 years old (just turned 19 today), and I’m currently a student, pursing a BBA at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC Canada.

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Apart from the never-ending rain months, insane traffic congestion, and a sucky hockey team(Go Canucks Go), Vancouver is a beautiful place to live in.



I have a passion for sports and cars, (your typical 19 year old). I currently own a BMW 335i M Sport, but plan to have a nice supercar in the foreseeable future (also your typical teenager).

cheema marketing


My Black BMW 335i M Sport 


However apart from all that, I love writing. This is partly the reason why I started this blog. I used to work part-time as a sales associate for a suiting store, but quickly decided that I didn’t want to be like the mainstream society. I wanted to pave my own path, and live life on my own terms, and that is when I found Internet Marketing!

Internet Marketing in My Life

IM introduced me to the concept of being your own boss, and having the financial freedom in your life that I truly desired. I started with Internet Marketing last year around this time, where I was attracted to an offer which taught how to make $100 a day, doing little work from home. I was bedazzled (Is that a word?)  by the thought of finally being free and making $100 a day from. Of course I’m sure you know where this is going ;). So I bought this $7 offer, and after purchasing it, I was taken to an up-sell to get a done for you campaigns all setup and ready to go for $17, I thought hey, I’m going to make $100 today why do I care, then another upsell came up about a traffic software that costs $37 but it would essentially AUTOPILOT the whole process for me. Fantastic I thought, now I won’t have to do anything and all, and all this is paid for by today when I make $100. Finally I got the last upsell of $97. It was a Live call with the creator for 1 hour. I decided to pass on that one since I was happy with what I was already getting! Now has this happened with you in the past? Chances are they have, because it is just extremely popular. Now don’t get me wrong. The upsell concept is great and it is something even big companies like Macdonald’s do, but do you think I actually made $100? NOPE, not even close. I didn’t make a dollar from that. It just was not a proper actionable course, it was theory-based stuff. Then it got worse.. I HAD PICKED UP SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME!! Have You Ever Had Shiny Object Syndrome? Chances are you did, or may even have it now. It revolves around jumping from one offer to the other, buying everything you can, just in the hopes that one will change your life. Well I am here to tell you to STOP! It will effectively change your inline business ten-fold. Focus on one PROVEN formula and take action on it until you succeed!


So What Happened Next For Me?

Well after being on the Shiny Object Syndrome for a couple months and getting absolutely nowhere, I decided to stop and get proper consulting online. That is when I invested in a mentor that was known for ethical, and fantastic success stories for his clients, and known for great products. It was a hefty fee he charged, but looking back at it, it was worth every business. He completely changed my business from where I was at that time. He stopped me from buying any more products, and effectively put me on building my list, building my brand, and teaching me real internet marketing tactics.


A Positive Outlook!

Let’s zip to today and after a full year from where I had once started, I am effectively making enough to not get a job, and stay home and do school full-time. For 2017 I KNOW I will zoom to a job-crushing six-figure income and effectively secure a full-time job in Internet Marketing, and that is where the Cheema Marketing Blog comes in..


The Cheema Marketing Blog

With this starting point, you will follow me on my journey to Six-Figures in this year! I will prove to you that making money online is ABSOLUTELY possible (i’m already doing it) but more importantly, it’s possible to jump to a six-figure income in your first year, if you DO NOT get into the shiny object syndrome like my first 8 months! you will learn some of my best kept tips that have allowed a total newbie like myself a year back, to make enough that he does not have to get a part-time job and can pay his school tuition, whilst have nice spending money, all from the comfort of my home. There will also be reviews of different offers online that are good ones, and provide actual value, and guidance you need to get off on the right step. I will share many freebies, and tips that I will create myself, just for being a regular reader of my blog! and much much more!


Why Am I Doing This?

Well I do not want people to go through what honestly 99% of potential internet marketers go through, which is constant, never ending failure. You see, a lot of the offers you may be attracted to in the IM space, are just there to make money off you, and do not really give you the value you need to TRULY succeed online. I want to regularly post stuff that will expand your knowledge and foundation of the IM space. This will make you far better setup for success as you know what to do and what not to do. The most vital thing my mentor taught me was to look at what the people making the money online are doing. Are they doing what they are teaching, if so that is great, follow them. If they are not then don’t bother with it. Follow what the “gurus” are doing, not what they are teaching. To be on the absolute right track, and setting up yourself to truly be respected, follow the honest, and real marketers, and copy what they are doing. This alone will set you up for a successful and prosperous venture in IM.

So Join Me On This Journey!

So over the next few months you’ll see me grow this very blog into something magnificent and you’ll get some fantastic knowledge about IM in the process. What I always promise you is integrity and value. Let’s get off on the right track and make 2017 our best year yet!

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To Your Success!

– Samuel Cheema

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